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Mascota: the emerald of the Jalisco mountains

In each Magical Town there are socio-cultural manifestations, legends, history or transcendent facts that make up a collective imaginary  with fresh and different alternatives. Mascota is one of them, a locality that has symbolic attributes and charm.

Just over 100 km from Puerto Vallarta is the municipality of  Mascota, also in the state of Jalisco.

It welcomes us with a main terrace and a kiosk to enjoy the sunset, to  reconnect with the traditions and to approach the wonder of the magical towns with their symbols and their representativeness.

On a tour of the surroundings of the square, we come across the “Centro Cultural Mascota -Archaeological Museum  and  House of Culture” which houses a  large collection of archaeological pieces  from  various  cultures of the region. This is the invitation made by the official website of the Ministry of Culture of the state:

“The Mascota Archaeological Museum was inaugurated on August 11, 2001 in three rooms of the Mascota Cultural Center. It has an auditorium, library, a large courtyard for artistic activities and four temporary exhibition halls.

In this enclosure we can enjoy photographs, petroglyphs, elements of shooting tombs and more than 600 archaeological pieces dating from between 800 BC.C. and 300 AD.C.”

The exhibits are the result of excavations carried out in the region, some of them supported by the National Geographic Society foundation and led by the researcher of the University of Guadalajara, Dr.  Joseph B. Mountjoy.

The “Temple of the precious blood” is an unfinished space, reconstruction of the Siglo XIX,  which shows its majesty and its quality of imposing. Located a couple of blocks from the central square, today it is used for exhibitions and cultural events.

And if we want to discover more archaeological surprises, we can take a taxi to go see the petroglyphs in “La mesa colorada” where, a few minutes from the center, we will be dazzled by stone graphics that represent the  sun, water, fertility,  different  animals  and some  volcanoes.

La presa Corrinchis  es one of the best attractions of  Mascota, because there you can enjoy ecotourism with toilets by boat, sport fishing or hiking. Comer in one of the restaurants  overlooking the lake will allow you to enjoy a totally different walk and savor some delicious fish from the region.

4 km from the center of Mascota  is  La yerbabuena, a silent and imposing town, which is reached  by roads surrounded by unforgettable landscapes  in aromas and  colors. Nearby,  no more than 15 km away,  is the Lagoon of Juanacatlán with water sports,  fishing, hiking, mountain activities and quality tourist developments.

The cobbled streets and    dazzling architecture of downtown Mascota will guide you to  the  Casa  Museo Mtro. Raúl Rodríguez Peña. There,  room 1 is dedicated to the actress Esther      Fernández,  protagonist of  “Allá en el rancho  grande”,  born in Mascota in 1915.

In each Magical Mexican Town, identity is shown in its corners. Mascota is no exception, a place that will welcome you for its peace, its beauty and its emblematic tranquility, unwavering value linked to the kindness and hospitality of its people.

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