Wednesday, July 17, 2024
Wednesday, July 17, 2024


Interview with Javier Niño

Javier Niño was born in that Puerto Vallarta of the 50s, very different from today. He is an artist with great local and international recognition, an interpreter of reality through line and color, as he defines it. Guided by the exuberant natural beauty of his homeland and the great influence of his inner world, he is going through new stages of this journey that began, in his childhood, in the school “20 de noviembre” and that still seems to have open horizons for his work.

Dear Javier, thank you very much for your time and for sharing your word with Bay Vallarta-Riviera Nayarit. I would like to start by asking you:

What have these almost two years of cultural paralysis left you?

One of the effects of the pandemic has undoubtedly contributed to the much slower promotion and development of culture. Fortunately, social networks have cushioned, to a large extent, the adverse effects.

At what stage of your career were you surprised by the pandemic?

Well, I rode very happily in my burrito, that is, art, and suddenly we are surprised by the animal, that is, the virus. The moment was of very good production, of deep inspiration in the values of our national culture, it was a very good stage of production. And suddenly everything was blocked.

Which projects did you have to suspend and which are you resuming?

In the middle of the pandemic I was working for a contest with the theme of the independence of Mexico, promoted by the Mexican consulate in Chicago and the committee of sister cities Highland Park – Puerto Vallarta. Before finishing that illustration project and the contest, my wife and I got sick with coronavirus, sadly my wife passed away. And it really was a big loss for me and I canceled my participation in that event. Among the projects that I am going to resume, I will soon be participating with my art in a new Vallarta Art Museum, which will soon open its doors here in the city.

The plastic theme of Javier Niño’s work will always be related to Vallarta, his birthplace. Javier loves local history and confesses to being “interned” in it, tied to its traditions and charm,from the memory of that small town of only 5  thousand  inhabitants. And he points out whywe have a story full of magic:

“… this area of Banderas Bay is of very ancient cultures; a few years ago a strong storm uncovered a large pot with ceremonial objects inside, one block from SEAPAL. Carbon 14 tests gave antiquity since before Christ, we live in a historically magical place…”

How can art help reintegrate these days?

Art in any of its disciplines manifests itself in a multifaceted way, thus, it helps us to sensitize ourselves in any area that integrate us as a society, personal or professional.

I consider myself an interpreter of reality. I divide reality into two dimensions: one, the macro universe, which I perceive through my five senses and this macro universe is all we see through our senses. The city, the people, the mountains, the sea, the rivers, the moon, the stars, the sun, everything outside, everything magnificent, everything that is the greatest: the Universe.

In this reality and in the universe is the human being in his three-dimensional form: body mind and soul. Here comes the other extension, a phase of self-knowledge. The one Socrates was talking about: know yourself and you will know all things. That is the great depth of self-knowledge. That is what I base myself on for my artistic production because I consider myself an interpreter of reality. I am a painter, an interpreter of reality of the macro universe and the micro universe. From here, art can help humans reintegrate.

“… art as a profession is an apostolate that requires great love and great courage; if the new artists feel it as a burning passion, then go ahead, that’s the position…”

What activities do you plan to do abroad or in Puerto Vallarta?

I am continually invited to various artistic and cultural activities. Everything new that comes I analyze and reflect, and the best I feel I can contribute, I do. The truth is that I have stayed abroad because my art studio, usually, I have opened it by 80%. I have practically left public projects in a large percentage: what I do not do, I let go like the wind.

Will we have a individual exhibition of Javier Niño?

I do want to do a solo show and the intention is to present it in the future, mostly because I don’t have much production. What I do is going away. I want to, but I don’t know when.

I take this opportunity to thank you for this interview, for this privilege of being in Bay Vallarta-Riviera Nayarit.

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