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Saturday, May 25, 2024
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A Sunday walk in Las Mojoneras

A visit to the “tianguis” of Las Mojoneras is a must in this region of the city. In fact, its location allows you to get there quite easily by accessing Av. México. If you arrive by car, don’t worry there are several parking options.

When we arrive at a “tianguis”, a shopping options fair, we may have the idea of entering a place where the rules will be clutter, annoyance and loud music everywhere.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The streets of the “Tianguis de Las Mojoneras” are walked quietly, no music will be too annoying (there are practically no stalls with music) and it seems that the streets are wide, so that you can walk patiently and without any problem. People look, ask, search, over and over again.

In the 1st block basically, at the corner of Av. Mexico and Guerrero begins the experience with a string of stalls of clothes, shoes, tennis, jackets and very few food stalls, as if not to invite yet, to taste the delicious dishes that will be reached later.

There is no high volume, no one shouts “pass it, pass it”, far from it. No one has the need to approach you on your hike. They allow you to observe, to penetrate your need (or foolishness) with great respect for people. The street is wide and when you approach, yes, they offer you all the attention kindly, but only if you get closer.

The streets that run parallel to the main avenue, Zacatecas, Guanajuato and Aguascalientes, are also full of stalls. Without knowing why, it is observed that some streets are made of hydraulic concrete and others of dirt. That makes no difference to the supply.

But not only clothes and footwear are offered, here there are also tools, technology, personal care elements, as in the 2nd street, Jalisco. There is a lot of various clothes, cell phone stalls, toys, bijouteri, personal hygiene and a beautiful fruit stand that inaugurates the walk along that street. There is no order, but you can get a lot of things, including, sure, what we don’t need.

The arrival at the main square of “Las Mojoneras” opens a separate chapter because there, the aromas and flavors are intermingled with the great offer of fruits and vegetables that surround this main painting.

Here there is music, with a keyboardist installed at the top of the stage performing well-known songs that amuse, accompany and invite you to go around this painting that seems the prelude to the end of the tour.

A separate chapter deserves the proposal of the food stalls, inevitable in these street appointments. Tlacoyos, huaraches, breads, golden tacos, gorditas, quesadillas, pozole, aguas and juices, are just the beginning of the tour, which we leave to your choice.

The exit through Av. Mexico takes us to visit several blocks of “established shops” all open, and apparently, none with complaints because the requirement of their services is permanent. Four people waiting to cut their hair, two ladies buying roast chickens, an exquisite bakery that opens from 7:00 am, a stationery store and several shops that, on the sidewalk offer colored clothes, backpacks, shoes and many more things, so as not to clash.

Around there we find out that from 5 in the morning the first positions arrive to choose the best place. Some have agreements with the owners of the established homes, to use their fronts. Others following the law of the street: I arrive, and if the place is available I can set up my stall and if not, to look for another place.

A visit to the “Tianguis of Las Mojoneras” is a pleasant, familiar walk where you can walk, ask, buy and finally eat a wide variety of offers and dishes that will leave you puzzled. Sunday’s visit to Las Mojoneras, becomes a must-see.

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