Friday, June 21, 2024
Friday, June 21, 2024
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Mexico Flag Day: National Pride, Freedom and Justice

To celebrate this February 24, we share the main body of the article published on page about the day of the Flag of México, established on February 24, 1934, commemoration officially recognized until 1940. 

In 1821 Agustín de Iturbide was inspired to give guarantees to Mexicans by declaring the Independence of Mexico, that is when our Flag was born.

In the declaration of the Plan of Iguala, Iturbide carried the “trigarante” flag (green, white and red), but in diagonal stripes. The colors of the flag guaranteed some rights: white represented the Catholic religion; the green represented the independence of Mexico from Spain and the red the equality and union of Mexicans with the Spaniards and the castes.

At the end of the Empire of Agustín de Iturbide in 1823, the Constituent Congress officially established the National Flag preserving the green, white and red colors, but with some changes: the eagle was removed from the imperial crown and the republican symbols of the laurel and oak branches were added.

In the mid-nineteenth century, with the arrival of Benito Juárez to the presidency of the country, the meaning of its colors was changed, as a result of the separation of the state with the church: Green: Hope; White: Unity and Red: the blood of national heroes.

And so it is that on February 24, 1984, the new Law on the National Shield, Flag and Anthem came into force, which establishes that:

“The National Flag consists of a rectangle divided into three vertical stripes of identical measures, with the colors in the following order from the flagpole: green, white and red…”

“In the white stripe and in the center, it has the National Shield. In the buildings of the Authorities that by their characteristics allow it, honors must be paid to the National Flag with obligatory character on February 24, September 15 and 16 and November 20 of each year …”

The Mexican Flag, in addition to being a patriotic symbol and representing the spirit of unity, courage and patriotism, is a unifying element; it is an authentic expression of our origins, as well as the desire to strengthen the sense of national identity, as an independent and sovereign country.

On December 30, 1880, President Porfirio Díaz decreed that the eagle be represented from the front with its wings spread, in the French style of that time.

During the Mexican Revolution, President Venustiano Carranza, continuing with the nationalist idea, and on September 20, 1916, established that the eagle be represented in a left profile, perched on a nopal that sprouts from a rock surrounded by water and adorned at the bottom with oak and laurel branches.

Flag Day never goes unnoticed, its colors we carry in the soul and a sweet taste surrounds us from very early on this day. There will be honors to the national labaro in front of the Presidency, and activities in the schools that already receive their students in person. Along with the Coat of Arms and the National Anthem, the Flag integrates the three patriotic symbols.

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