Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Wednesday, April 24, 2024


A sunset in Puerto Vallarta can offer us a number of unexpected surprises. From the traditional colors of the sun as it approaches the horizon, to the bright tones of the sea crossed by the last threads of light…and much more.

Keeping your eyes on the sky of the Pacific Ocean at dusk is an enjoyment that only some privileged people can carry out, safe from the instability that gives the back and forth of each day.

Everything can happen and things happen when observing the sky and the sea. A quiet dusk, the soft sound of the ocean, the night tones that already highlight the presence of the stars and suddenly the unexpected: a train of lights moves from north to south at an average height of the horizon forming an image that we had only seen, some time ago, in Jaime Maussan’s television programs.

A bluish light, yes, like a star, although for some reason we understand that it is closer, by its movement similar to the stars, but these do not move or well, they do it slowly in the apparent movement that gives them the rotation of the earth.

And another light appears, bluish, and another and another, it is already a train of fast lights over the sky of Vallarta, there are six or seven lights, to the south and then disappear.

But there the experience does not end, when the last ones pass (which nobody knows are the last) two flashes are clearly seen from that same position, as if they had taken two photographs from the sky. Not having seen them alone, could be the exception that confirms the rule. As it is, this is crazy, but it is the reality.

The astrophysicist José María Madiedo, from the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA-CSIC), and researcher responsible for the Smart Project confirms the above on the page. These are artificial satellites.

“… more specifically the Starlink satellites of the company SpaceX… during the days after launch the satellites could be seen crossing the night sky forming a row. With the passage of time these satellites are separated from each other and that row is no longer visible… »

It is likely that we can see them again as the launch program seeks to reach twelve thousand teams in Earth orbit. They have already been more than a thousand hundred.

But something is missing, the information, although correct, sounds incomplete to us because nothing is said about the flashes, or is it common to be photographed from the sky?

There, another name is associated with the story: Iridium, according to journalist Mariano Ribas.

“… the Iridium are quite large devices (they measure 4 meters long by one wide), and at one end they have attached two panels of solar… they carry three rectangular antennas the size of a door. And because they are covered in silver, they act as large mirrors that perfectly reflect sunlight. When those reflections reach the earth’s surface, they can look truly impressive…”

Shocking, exciting, fun if you will… but absolutely predictable. The page known as “See a satellite tonight” offers all the data to be able to see them. You only need to enter and immediately, date, time, location and orientation will appear on the horizon to see them.

Let’s look up to the sky then, but, this time, let’s know that we are going to understand, even if we are still going to be surprised.

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