Saturday, May 25, 2024
Saturday, May 25, 2024


We shared a talk with Dr. Armando Joya Munguía, who chairs  the Joya Medical Group, with the mission of providing high quality medical care, through the best specialists.

Dr. Munguía, tell us about Grupo Médico Joya’s facilities here in the Puerto Vallarta region…

Our Group seeks to ensure that the medical needs of patients are met. For this, we have infrastructure support and equipment with high standards of sanitary quality. The medical building of Hospital Joya Marina, was the first third-level hospital in a tourist destination, and the only certified in the region, extending its services to Banderas Bay. In  the South Zone, we have a First Contact Unit focused on Emergency Medical Care.

2.- Innovation, updating, protocols, are concepts linked to quality, what does Grupo Médico Joya offer in this regard?

The demand demands not only to be at the forefront of infrastructure, but also, for patient safety, to have medical protocols and trained personnel.

Our Hospitals are in the process of recertification by the Canadian Healthcare Council and in management of guidelines and protocols with world regulations.  Within our commitments, we are one of the few Hospitals with a Team of Emergency Specialists 24/7 and another specialist in the ICU 24/7.

Due to the pandemic, an exclusive, isolated area was built with equipment that included nutrition staff, rehabilitation staff, and specialists. Grupo Médico Joya, aware of the economic situation, has also had the initiative to design an affordable medical expenses insurance for the population.

3.- What is your experience regarding the attention to the local population?

We believe that today the population of Vallarta has a wide range of medical offers, and that we can offer you a competitive and complete option. We are also proud to be a hospital that has sought to collaborate with our main industry, which is the Tourism Sector.  We currently have extensive experience in serving this sector, mainly the Hotel Industry. Not only guests but also, their collaborators.

 4.- How has the foreign community evaluated the Group’s services and hospitals?

The opinion regarding humane treatment, as well as the modest attention, has characterized us.  We are committed to the experience of both the patient and the physicians who make our mission possible. We are proud to know that our patients, upon returning to their countries, they have excellent reviews for the results and, also, for our medical quality and human warmth.

5.- What are the most required specialties here in Banderas Bay?

We have a very large population, especially in high season. Therefore, all specialties and subspecialties are very important and complementary.  The most demanded will be Emergencies, Intensive Therapy, Cardiology, Traumatology and Orthopedics. Also Internal Medicine and General Surgery as well as Otolaryngology, Pediatrics and Gynecology.  It is also worth mentioning the Oncologic and Surgical subspecialties: Neurosurgery, Thorax and Cardiovascular Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery, among others.

6.-   How important is the group’s mutual assistance to tourists?

The projection of our destiny at the international level is very important, therefore it requires us to have the medical infrastructure it deserves.  A third-level certified hospital, with international protocols, makes our visitors feel safe on their vacations by garantizing their access to Bilingual Medical Equipment and Infrastructure. This represents a tranquility for the entire sector and, in turn, projects Vallarta as a Safe Tourist destination and an attraction for Medical Tourism.

7.- What laboratories, equipment, procedures, studies do you have?

I would like to emphasize that our purpose of prevention and diagnosis of high specificity, requires us to have a large infrastructure in imaging and laboratory.  Even if in some case we do not have the equipment for a necessary study, we have alliances and partners to obtain it in less than 24 hours.  Let’s also have a growth project, in nuclear medicine, so that these Diagnostic Studies can be available in our city.

8.- Please, a message to gain the trust of future patients.

We know that trust is something that is being built day by day.  During our trajectory, it has been the trust of our patients that has led us to be closer and closer to them. We continue to grow along the repúblic; today we are in San Miguel de Allende, very soon in Querétaro and Cancún, among other projects. I can only thank our patients, specialists, suppliers, collaborators, investors and everyone who has contributed to this project. We will continue to grow committed to offering cutting-edge technology and treatments as we have done so far. We will continue training our staff to always be updated, with a resolute capacity that provides peace of mind and confidence to our patients.

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