Saturday, May 25, 2024
Saturday, May 25, 2024


After a trip of no more than 25 km, starting from the center of Puerto Vallarta, you reach the town of Bucerias, a quiet, picturesque and friendly town.

At times, it seems that we are in the old fishing village that gave rise to this wonderful tourist village; it is Bucerias, without a doubt, with the magic of time between its veins.

But that charm of tranquility and calm is mixed with the advance of beautiful new constructions and the thriving trade with handicrafts, culture, services and gastronomic diversity of international stature.

Let’s say we can start our visit directly from Blvd. Riviera Nayarit or cart 200, to the Golden Zone.

Restaurants, cafes, jewelry, health services, are mixed with the immaculate presence of the beaches. In the Golden Zone you will find some of the most beautiful real estate developments and a variety of hotels to suit all tastes. In the evenings, Latin music, rock and a very good jazz sound.

It must be surrounded to achieve continuity in the promenade, from Lázaro Cárdenas Street, in the Golden Zone, to Mexico Street in the center, by the works on the Arroyo del Indio.

In the center of Bucerías stand out the great restaurants built on the sands of the beautiful beaches. Inside we can find the most incredible variety of seafood, steaks, shrimp, sarandeado fish and ceviches, just to name a few varieties.

A separate chapter deserve the beaches, which for their calm and tranquility, are absolutely enjoyable for both adults and families with children; and as a culmination of an unforgettable day, you can enjoy the sunset, an image that will be engraved in the memory of all visitors.

Bucerias is a place that has all the necessary characteristics to spend an excellent holiday period, a weekend or just a few hours. But yes, always with good taste, security, excellence and a touch of tradition that never hurts.

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