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Regenerative medicine and stem cells: a new path for the treatment of injuries

by Redacción Bay Vallarta

In muscle injuries, tears and joint injuries, traditional treatments offer a limited response to new trends.

The use of placental stem cells works  from the same body  seeking to repair the cause of the problem. They  can  be used in  serious injuries and have no side effects because they use materials and tissue from the body itself, which do not cause rejection.

For example, in the treatment of partial CR tears or tearing of the tendons around the shoulder joint (rotator cuff), a determinant efficiency is found.

Clinical trials have demonstrated efficacy in patients diagnosed with partial tearing of the supraspinatus tendon, bursal tears, joint tears, intrasubstantial tears and full thickness.

The method refers to performing an injection at the site of injury; immediately and with permanent follow-up, a marked improvement in the functional part is seen.

Minor tears of the labrum (hip) may not cause symptoms. But some, can cause a feeling of blockage or stiffness in the joint during certain movements, with pain and interference in the normal range of motion.

In the group of Labral tears for physical activity, especially  due to repetitive movements  or  caused by trauma or diseases that affect the bone, recovery data are obtained from more than 87% of cases.

This option of stem cells comes to renew the panorama of traditional treatments(physiotherapy, corticosteroids,  anti-inflammatories)with an approach in which the tissue of our body itself will be responsible for regenerating the area of injury.

The efficacy of stem cell therapy for the repair of muscle-tendon injuries is proven and within our reach here in Puerto Vallarta. And the investigation continues.

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